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19 December 2012

My Favourite Festive Nail Polish - Nails Inc Aspen

Just a quick post to show you my all time favourite nail polish for this time of year. It is the perfect satin red with a shimmer and i LOVE it! I don't think you can actually get this shade from Nails Inc anymore, it is still available on various other websites but i think The Boltons Polish from Nails Inc is pretty much identical from

16 December 2012

My Skincare Routine

My bathroom cabinet
My skincare routine does change and evolve to trial new products but this is what I would consider to be my holy grail routine and regular use of these products together gives me great results.
In the morning I use either Clarins Water Purify One-Step Cleanser if i'm in a rush, which i reviewed here, or

10 December 2012

YSL Rouge pur Couture Glossy Stain GIVEAWAY!!

I was recently lucky enough to win my first ever giveaway on Lauren's blog (go and check it out, she knows her stuff!) and i was literally smiling all day! I have never really won anything before so i was really excited to be the chosen one! My prize is some Smashbox goodies which i am really looking forward to receiving as I've never actually tried any Smashbox stuff before and we don't have a stockist in my corner of the world.

Because winning this made me so happy I decided to share the love and give one of my lovely readers a chance to be equally as happy! I am running this giveaway for a month as i thought it would be a really nice treat to brighten up January when Christmas is over and no one has any money left to treat themselves!

9 December 2012

Nails Of The Day - Cherries in the snow

This is my first nail of the day post and I didn't plan it but I put together a new combination and I was happy with the results so I thought I would share!

7 December 2012

CHANTECAILLE Lip Chic in Geranium

I love Millie Macintosh from Made in Chelsea; she always looks absolutely flawless and so when I saw a make-up tutorial with Millie and Tanya Burr I was super interested to find out how she achieves her staple, natural yet polished, daytime make up look.

5 December 2012

Vita Coco 100% pure coconut water

If like me you’re a fan of reading the odd celebrity heavy mag you will most likely have seen or heard about one of the latest crazes in celeb land. Hollywood heavyweights such as Demi Moore, Madonna, Courtney Cox and Jessica Simpson, as well as some not-quite-A-Lister's (reality TV stars) have been seen heading into or emerging from the gym (looking amazing in Lycra) clutching a carton of Vita Coco coconut water.

Most people are familiar with coconut cream, the tasty but highly fattening base for many a spicy dish, but until now the water found inside the younger fruits has not really been readily available. This however, is all about to change. Due to the sudden buzz around coconut water because of its alleged health benefits, one brand reported a 600% increase in sales in one 12 week period.

Available from £1.49 for 330ml, this natural drink is set to give well know sports drinks a run for their money. It is a low sugar, fast hydrating drink that contains no caffeine but high levels of potassium. In fact one small carton is said to contain more potassium than 2 bananas.  

Potassium is an electrolyte that plays a fundamental part in keeping the body hydrated, and subsequently reducing feelings of fatigue after exercise, and they also prevent muscles from going into cramps and spasms which explains why every celebrity worth their salt is drinking this after a gym session!

Re-hydration aside, drinking coconut water is also supposed to help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, reduce the risk of heart disease, boost the immune system, regulate digestion and ease stomach pains – the best thing since green tea?!

Personally I wasn't too keen on the taste which was sweet and almost milky, but I will probably still reach for one of these over other sugary sports drinks in future as it seems to be a much healthier option and perhaps next time I feel my immune system is not doing all it should I might try drinking a few of these to see if I notice an improvement.

What do you guys think of Vita Coco? Have you tried it? Do you think it’s just another celebrity fad or genuinely useful addition to our diets? 

3 December 2012

Product of the week #3 Avene Thermal Spring Water

French skincare brands are beginning to cause a stir in the beauty world, and from my experiences so far, with good reason. 
This is one of those products that people might overlook, thinking that its just water in a can and a bit of a waste of money! Well yes, in some ways it is just water in a can, but it is so much more than that as well.

28 November 2012

Tangle Teezer Review

I’ve been growing my hair for a couple of years now and the longer it gets the tanglier and more brittle it becomes. I spend a lot of time and money on conditioning treatments for my hair but I still find it falls out and breaks a lot so I finally jumped on the Tangle Teezer  bandwagon to see if they are really worth the hype.

26 November 2012

Get to know me tag!

I have seen the 'getting to know me' tag on loads of different blogs which i have really enjoyed reading - i'm intrigued by people and love finding out little things about them!
As i haven't yet done a tag post i thought this might be a good place to start and i hope some of you might be interested in 'getting to know me' a little better!

18 November 2012

Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat - A step too far in the name of beauty?

My Grandad always used to tell me ‘If it seems too good to be true it probably is’….

Seche Vite dry fast top coat is without doubt the best top coat in existence, a bold claim I know but I am yet to come across anything that remotely lives up to it. Not only does it keep your polish chip free for a good

13 November 2012

Product of the week #2 Decleor Prolegene Energising Gel

Who doesn’t love a multipurpose product? Hands up who owns an Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream, a lip and cheek stain, tinted moisturiser or even a tin of Vaseline?  As you are here reading my blog it’s probably fair to assume that you spend some of your hard earned pennies on beauty products and in my eyes, if you

7 November 2012

L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara Review

My all-time favourite mascara is Inimitable by Chanel (although after a recent trial of Benefits They’re Real! it might have some competition) but in my on-going quest to stop being a make up snob (more on that here) I often try out the latest offerings from drug store brands.  A lot of these fall by the wayside because they just

5 November 2012

James Brown London Photo Fabulous Haircare Review

James Brown London's Photo Fabulous range ensures your style is always camera ready.

2 November 2012

Confessions of an addict

I developed a love for (read obsession with) expensive make up at quite a young age, you could say i pretty much replaced the sweet shop with the Selfridges make up department!  
All the counters, all the packaging and the promises inside them to make you look/smell/feel nicer.  All the

30 October 2012

Product of the week #1 JASON Lips Bee Healthier

In my corner of the world the temperatures have suddenly dropped by about 10 degrees with icy winds blowing in from Russia (according to the Met Office), so i really couldn't have discovered this product at a better time!

A fragrance for all seasons - Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude Review

I first tried Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude at the beginning of Summer. With one sniff i could practically feel the heat of the sun on my skin and hear waves gently lapping on powder white sand...when in reality i was standing in a department store having escaped the relentless rainy drizzle that we seem to get so much of.

25 October 2012

Neom Luxury Organics Reed Diffuser Review

Along with my love of all things beauty related I am also slightly obsessed with interior d├ęcor and making our home a comfortable and cosy but stylish place to be. This blog post is probably more relevant to that side of things so I would love to know if you would be interested in more posts like this about any home

Pearl Drops Pro White Toothpaste Review

I discovered Pearl Drops Pro White toothpaste before my wedding in the summer and haven’t been without it since. I was blessed genetically with good teeth, I don’t have any fillings and my dentist is always very complementary about the health of my teeth and gums but I drink coffee and red wine and do all those things

24 October 2012

Clarins Water Purify One-Step Cleanser Review

Warning: this review is very enthusiastic! Water Purify One-Step Cleanser - This little gem from Clarins has got me very excited....
Although I like to give my skin a thorough cleanse in the evening i'm a bit of a wash and go kind of a girl in