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30 October 2012

Product of the week #1 JASON Lips Bee Healthier

In my corner of the world the temperatures have suddenly dropped by about 10 degrees with icy winds blowing in from Russia (according to the Met Office), so i really couldn't have discovered this product at a better time!
The Jason Lips Bee Healthier lip balm was included as part of my October Jolie box and initially i wasn't overly excited about it. I really don't like the smell/taste of honey lip balms but despite the beeswax content and the reference in the name this has a gorgeous minty smell thanks to the peppermint oil, which also leaves your lips feeling slightly tingly.  It actually reminds me of After Eight mints which i love. :)

It is formulated with some lovely ingredients such as moisture-trapping beeswax, vitamin E, green tea extract, organic aloe vera gel to heal, soothe and protect chapped lips, as well as shea butter and sweet almond oil to keep your lips moisturised. The ingredient list doesn't contain any lanolin, petrolium, mineral oil or parabens and as if that doesn't sound good enough, 70% of the contents of this little wonderstick are organic! Lovely.

There is not a lot to say about the packaging other than i love that it is a stick lip balm as i think they are much more hygienic than those that come in tins that you are endlessly sticking your fingers into!

Along with protecting your lips from the elements - it has UVA & UVB protection - it gives your lips a light sheen but isn't shiny; this is without doubt the least greasy lip balm i've ever come across.  This is not to say it doesn't last though, it's water resistant so has good staying power.

As i couldn't find a single negative about this product i headed over to the Jason website (which you can find here) to stock up for the winter months and i nearly fell off my stool! Surely a 70% organic lip balm packed full of natural ingredients should come at a premium? No, one of these little babies can be yours for the bargain basement price of £1.99!! Unbelievable, right? And it doesn't even stop there, currently Jason are offering a FREE lip balm with  any order from the website! I fully intend on making use of this offer, will you?


  1. Wow, thanks for this! I'm currently soaking up all the tips I can for surviving the colder months, this sounds lovely! xx

    1. Let me know what you think if you try it Ferdie :) x

  2. JASON prices are really good aren't they. :)

    1. So good! What better excuse to try some new products?! Thanks for the follow :) x

  3. now you can get one Jason lip balm free if you order any Jason product from (and today everything is -10% off)
    free international delivery, too :)
    happy shopping!!!


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