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2 November 2012

Confessions of an addict

I developed a love for (read obsession with) expensive make up at quite a young age, you could say i pretty much replaced the sweet shop with the Selfridges make up department!  
All the counters, all the packaging and the promises inside them to make you look/smell/feel nicer.  All the
colour and testers to swatch on the back of your hand. It is pure retail therapy - Escapism. I still to this day could get lost for a full day in there, much to the annoyance of my husband but at least he knows where to find me if he loses me!

I have to hold my hands up and admit to being somewhat of a cosmetics snob.  I am not proud of this fact and i will continue to try and change my ways.  Its just that Boots doesn't quite live up to Selfridges, and a three-for-two in a blue and white carrier bag doesn't give me quite the same buzz to unpack when i get home as a crisp paper bag containing expensive card boxes and embossed lettering and tissue paper! Its like opening a nicely wrapped present with a bow! 

Speaking of presents, As we are fast approaching that time of year with Halloween passed and Bonfire Night just around the corner i am giving some thought as to which little packages i would really love to find under the tree. I usually compile a list for my husband each year of things i'd like to spare him the agony of trying to choose something himself on Christmas Eve. That way he can just go and pick one or two things from it and i still get a surprise on the day! Do any of you do this? What will be on your Christmas lists this year? 

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