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5 November 2012

James Brown London Photo Fabulous Haircare Review

James Brown London's Photo Fabulous range ensures your style is always camera ready.

I've tried a few products from the James Brown London photo fabulous range; I’ll start with my personal highlight.  The shimmer serum sprays out leaving a fine coating of serum on the hair, I find that it is less oily than other serums and really suits my hair type (quite fine hair but lots of it!)  It’s not too heavy and doesn't ‘sit’ on the hair but definitely smooth’s down any flyaways or frizz and leaves a beautiful sheen on the hair.  It’s packaged in a small plastic bottle so is perfect for dropping in your handbag to carry around with you for a touch up through the day.

The shampoo, conditioner and intensive gloss treatment are all what I would consider pretty standard for one of the pricier drug store brands.  They do the job – I chose the moisturising range and used them on my honeymoon, they did keep my hair looking good in the heat but I didn’t feel they were ground-breaking.  I would repurchase them but being honest it’s probably more to do with the fact that the smell reminds me of my honeymoon than anything else!  All of the products in this range have the same scent: it is quite strong and really lingers in the hair, I love it but I imagine if it is not for you it could be quite overpowering and would rule out all of the products in the range.

I have also tried the dry shampoo which again I would say didn't disappoint as such, but didn't blow me away either, I found you needed a lot of product if you have greasy roots as I tend to the day after washing my hair or after the gym.  A bonus is that it didn't leave a grayish tint in the hair as some of the cheaper brands can but still added volume to my hair and brought it back to life.

My least favorite product in this range was the wave spray which is supposed to give soft and tousled waves.  I've never had much luck with these sorts of sprays so it might just be my hair-type but when I followed the instructions and blow dried my hair using the spray the end result was a sticky frizzy mess! Needless to say I won’t be repurchasing that one!

The products I tried were between £7-9 from Boots.


  1. I'll definitely check that serum out, sonds lovely. The shampoo from this line is one of my favourites ever! xx

  2. Anonymous5/11/12 12:18

    I've not been a massive fan of the James Brown products either. But sounds like the serum is the one - so will be checking that out :)

  3. I love the packaging of this brand!! Xx


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