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7 November 2012

L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara Review

My all-time favourite mascara is Inimitable by Chanel (although after a recent trial of Benefits They’re Real! it might have some competition) but in my on-going quest to stop being a make up snob (more on that here) I often try out the latest offerings from drug store brands.  A lot of these fall by the wayside because they just
don’t live up to their high end counterparts for me and I would rather spend a bit more for the difference in quality, this one however surprised me.

It cost a pretty reasonable £10.99 and i got it on the 3-for-2 offer that Boots seem to run pretty regularly  The packaging is very typically L'Oreal  quite a bulky tube with a fat middle, and this particular variety is bright red and gold. It’s not really to my taste -I love the sleek elegant packaging of my holy grail Inimitable - but in an attempt to not judge a book by its cover I didn't let that deter me.  

Having already tried the L'Oreal telescopic and the extra volume collagen I didn't have particularly high expectations of this but I was persuaded to buy it due to its ‘brand new anti-clump wiper’ designed to remove excess mascara to provide a clump free application. This intrigued me as I thought all mascaras pretty much had an ‘anti-clump wiper’ in the form of a narrow neck that pulls off the extra mascara as the brush is squeezed through it?! Anyway, it caught my attention so off I trotted to the checkout along with some other bits and pieces. 

So after using it for a few weeks throughout the day and for a couple of evenings out I can say that my verdict is…very positive! I really like the wand which is of the plastic variety and is described as a millionizer brush with a multitude of bristles to separate lashes for opulent volume. I think that this is probably a pretty accurate description, as you can see from the pictures it did separate my lashes and for the purpose of this review I hadn't curled my eyelashes, so, for the price I think the volume it gave them was pretty impressive. 

Before Mascara
After one coat

The application was very easy, even small lashes were coated after one sweep, and clumps were far and few between although I would personally say this is more due to the actual product than the ‘anti-clump wiper’! This brings me swiftly on to the aspect of this mascara that really impressed me - the formulation. It has that ‘glossy’ texture that leaves the lashes looking really healthy and seems to wrap around each lash creating a tube which then stays put until you remove it at the end of the day. One of my biggest big bears with drug store (and some high end) mascaras is the flaking throughout the day – I have dark enough circles under my eyes without my mascara adding to them thanks very much! This was not an issue with million lashes excess, even after applying first thing in the morning before work it was still intact at the end of the day in exactly the right place with no fall off under my eyes – result!

I also loved that even with two coats my eyelashes still feel flexible, there is none of that glued together crispy feeling. My only little complaint would be the level of pigmentation. I don’t feel that it achieves that really intense glossy black but for a more natural look you really can’t complain.

To summarize I would definitely recommend and repurchase this, even to just have as a backup to my Chanel or to keep in a handbag. Have any of you tried this? What did you think? 


  1. Hiya, glad I found your blog via Carlotta's Beauty Spot, I too am a product junkie so am looking forward to more of your reviews and finds :)

    1. Hi Catherine, really nice of you to comment, i hope you enjoy reading :) x

  2. Thanks for your great review - After I´ve read this, I´ll definitely try it. I usually use Loreal Telescopic Mascara, but will have a go of this one ... Thank you ...

  3. Thanks for your great review - After I´ve read this, I´ll definitely try it. I usually use Loreal Telescopic Mascara, but will have a go of this one ... Thank you ...


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