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17 December 2013

The cheats french plait with Neal and Wolf

A little while ago the lovely people at Neal and Wolf asked me to take part in a project they were working on to redefine the lost art of indulgent hair styling. I absolutely loved the concept because i am a huge fan of the brand and i think their products are the epitome of indulgence when it comes to hair styling; the

16 December 2013

The perfect Cashmere jumper?!

I’ve been on the hunt for a while for the perfect Cashmere jumper and I wanted to share this with you because I think I think I might just have found it!

12 December 2013

Under the Spotlight - Evon Candles

I've recently been feeding my scented candle obsession with an offering from new British brand Evon Candles and I have been so impressed that i wanted to feature it in my 'Under the Spotlight' series where i give you the low down on a new brand that i think you will want to know about, and i am

7 December 2013

November Favourites

I can’t believe this will be my last monthly favourites post of the year! Next month will be my 2013 favourites and then we will be onto 2014 – scary!
My first favourite of the month is something that I don’t tend to use very much until the weather turns colder.

4 December 2013

Christmas gift idea - give a memory!

Source: Weheartit
Jim and I went to a wedding at the weekend near the gorgeous seaside town of Whitby in North Yorkshire and so we decided to make a mini break of it and stay at the hotel where the wedding reception was for two nights. It was a gorgeous hotel and we really enjoyed watching our friends get married and spending some

30 November 2013

My most used MAC Brushes - Eyes

L-R: 239, 224, 217, 263

I really find that the quality of the brushes you use makes just as much of a difference to your makeup as the quality of the products and i love MAC for the variety and consistency of quality across the range. These are four of my most used eye brushes; you can see how well loved they are by the disappearing logos!

27 November 2013

Laura Mercier Artist Palette Review, Swatches & Looks

If you saw my American Sephora Haul post you might be expecting this review! I was so excited to get my hands on The Laura Mercier 2013 holiday collection artist palette. I couldn't wait to take pictures of the palette so that i could have a good swatch because the colours are just gorgeous and as soon as the light was

25 November 2013

Interior Design Ideas - Moving House!

Left: Source, Right: Source
I don't think i've mentioned on the blog for a while but Jim and I are moving house (again!) just before Christmas. We're moving into a brand new house that will hopefully be home for the foreseeable future and we are so excited to get moved in and settled. We've lived in a temporary home for the past few months

22 November 2013

Butter London Nail Lacquer in 'Toff' Reveiw

Butter London are a brand i gravitate toward every time i'm looking for a new nail colour. I don't know if it's the sophisticated packaging, the witty, quintessentially British names (My faves are No more waity Katie, Sloane Ranger and Dodgy Barnett!) or the colour range which is made up of some really gorgeous, unique

16 November 2013

Winter Skincare Saviors pic

Winter is well on its way now and the weather up North has become decidedly colder this last week. Because i have Rheumatoid Arthritis i have to be really careful not to get too cold which means i have the heating cranked right up at home and at work i have a little oil filled heater next to my desk, which keeps me

11 November 2013

Top 10 affordable products

I mentioned on Instagram a while ago that i was going to put together a 'best of the high street' post but as i was gathering my favourite things it occurred to me that most of them are affordable dupes for some of my favourite high end products so that is how i am going to talk you through them.

5 November 2013

American Sephora Haul!

I've been so excited to write this post! As a self confessed beauty junkie Sephora is pretty much like the promised land so when my dad took off on his travels to New York a couple of weeks a go i sent him off with a list as long as my arm of 'things i would like if you happen to pass a Sephora'! I gave him loads of

3 November 2013

Leighton Denny Less is More dupe for Dior Nail Glow

The Dior Glow range is designed to enhance 'what your momma gave you' without looking overly made up. The original launch included the rosy glow blush which adapted to flatter different skin tones and the lip balm which reacts to the lips moisture levels to give a fresh, natural looking colour and shine with the added benefit

31 October 2013

October Favourites

I swear these months are speeding up as i approach the big scary birthday!! Because the nights have been drawing in, especially with the clocks going back, my first favourite has to be the Neal & Wolf scented candle. I have been burning this most evenings and the scent is just perfect for this time of year. Its a

28 October 2013

Under the Spotlight - Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

The new probiotic skincare range from UK based company Aurelia is beginning to cause a bit of a stir in the beauty world and i can completely understand why. This is luxury skincare with a conscience at its finest. 
Free from mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, silicones, sulphates and anything else that isn't great for your

25 October 2013

One Year Blog Birthday Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Giveaway!

Today marks a whole year since i sat down and began to write On The Dressing Table! It literally terrifies me how fast time is passing by so i'm not going to dwell on it for too long. I will say though that one of the best aspects of writing my blog, for me, is interacting with you lovely people who read it, whether that

23 October 2013

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverStrong No Sulphates Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I'm not too sure about the whole 'No sulphates' selling point of the new Hair Expertise range from L'Oreal. I think its slightly misleading as these products do contain cleansing surfactants which serve the same purpose as sulphates, all be it in a milder form. However, i have to say that when judged as

20 October 2013

Whats in my makeup bag - Weekend with family edition

Every so often the rolling hills and pretty villages of the Yorkshire Dales call to us and we head off on a little road trip to visit my in-laws. These weekends usually consist of lie-ins, lunch in lovely little tea rooms and walking the dogs before cosying up with a bottle of wine in the evenings! It's usually a thoroughly relaxing

19 October 2013

Lush mini festive haul

I'm not a regular shopper in Lush but every so often it takes my fancy so when i heard that the festive products were in store i took myself along to my local store for a browse and inevitably came home with a couple of treats!
Cinders on the left is an old favourite bath bomb which crackles like firewood as it dissolves and smells of fruit and cinnamon, the perfect treat for an autumn evening after i have walked my dogs in the lashing rain! 
Soot Ball, the little guy on the right makes up for his underwhelming appearance by smelling absolutely incredible! It is a sweet but spicy fragrance which i found to be really relaxing and calming. Great after a busy day at work, and the scent really lingered on my skin afterwards which my husband liked! He doesn't turn your bath water black - under the 'soot' he is a shimmery gold but i have to say my bath did look really grubby after i used this one and i had to don the rubber gloves and give it a good scrub! 
Last but certainly not least is The Christmas Penguin - possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen! I mean, look at him! I found it hard to bring myself to use this one (sad i know) but when i did i had the most bubble filled bath I've had in a long time. I wasn't as keen on the smell of this one though so next time i would probably use it alongside cinders for the ultimate bath time treat! 
Have you been using any of the festive products from Lush? Which are your favourites?

18 October 2013

Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder Review

I'm all about the luminizing, brightening face powders at the moment and the latest to catch my eye is the Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder. The first product Bourjois ever produced back in 1863 has been reformulated and relaunched as a soft pink illuminating powder that gives skin a radiant, glowing look. I

17 October 2013

DIY At-home manicure routine

I have never been one for going to a salon to have a manicure, I would much rather pay for treatments I can’t do myself (hello massage!) so over the years I've perfected my DIY at-home manicure to keep my nails looking and feeling as good as they can.

15 October 2013


I'm one of those lucky/annoying people who don’t tend to be troubled with blemishes too often, but saying that, i had the mother of hormonal breakouts last month! It seemed like every day I woke up with a new one. I knew it was down to hormones rather than anything I had been putting on my face because I was just using

1 October 2013

September Favourites

Favourites time again! Where is this year going?! First up is a product i am obsessed with at the moment. Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel is a great alternative to the 'REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask' or 'Alpha H Liquid Gold' for those of you who prefer a mask to a liquid. I have been using it

25 September 2013

Neal & Wolf Candle Review

Sadly, it’s that time of year again when the central heating is groaning back into action and as I write this the tree outside my window is starting to turn orange. I wasn't ready for summer to end for another year but I’m trying to get on board with autumn and one of the things that is helping is the latest scented candle I have

19 September 2013

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Review

I've had this product in my stash for a little while now but I have been waiting for my natural tan to fade in order to put it to the test properly. After rocking a natural tan for a few weeks following my holiday in Ibiza i think its safe to say i'm now back to my natural pasty white colour ready for winter, or I was! 

17 September 2013

Benefit Rockateur Review

I have to say that Benefit are one of those brands that I often overlook; When it comes to high end make up I am a fan of the elegant, sophisticated packaging that Chanel, YSL etc. do so well and I find myself put off by the cheap-looking, gaudy packaging of some of Benefits products. Don’t get me wrong, the occasional

24 July 2013

One year on... Our anniversary holiday to Ibiza

Hi everyone, i'm so sorry things have been so quiet on my blog for the last few weeks! Jim and I have had a lot of stuff going on and are in the middle of packing to move house at the end of the month so i have just not had the time to sit at my computer. I'm hoping this will change after the next couple of mad weeks and i can

13 June 2013

Jo Loves - A new range of fragrances

This is just a quick post about a new brand that i'm sure you will want to know about! Jo Loves has been set up by Jo Malone, the founder of Jo Malone Fragrances. In 1999 Jo sold the Jo Malone company to Estee Lauder Companies but she remained creative director until a few years ago . After having a break

9 June 2013

A little update & May Favourites!

Hello ladies. Some of you may have noticed i've been a bit absent from the blogging world for the last few weeks. There are a few reasons for this, the main ones being that Jim has been working really hard to finish the final year of his degree with exams to prepare for and his dissertation and other assignments to hand in. It

16 May 2013

When I Win The Lottery Wishlist!

1.Source, 2. Source, 3. Source, 4. Source, 5. Source, 6. Source
Hello, how are you all doing on this lovely sunny day? I'm okay, dreaming of being on a beach with a cocktail in my hand but that, for me, is not unusual! I don't know about you but i have a wishlist as long as my arm at the moment - reading blogs is not good for my bank balance! Here a a few of the little luxuries i

14 May 2013

Aquiesse Scented Candles and Reed Diffuser Review

If you love scented candles you might be interested to know about a new brand that is now available in the UK. This range of candles and reed diffusers are inspired by nature and blended by world class perfumers. Aquiesse candles are sourced from America where they are sold in design led boutiques and

8 May 2013

Spring into Summer Make Up - Cream Blushes

1. Source, 2. Source

At this time of year when the weather shows some signs of improving and some of us have holidays on the horizon we can put the woolly jumpers, tights and winter boots away and bring out the Spring/Summer wardrobe. I always tend to adjust my make up at this time of year too, opting for a lighter base, brighter

4 May 2013

April Favourites

Hi guys, can you believe its May already??! I can't, summer will be upon us before we know it - yay! I'm definitely a happier person when the sun is shining, especially if i'm in a foreign country.

2 May 2013

Supaskin Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream Review

I was recently sent a sample of the Supaskin Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Cream* and now i've been using it for a few weeks i wanted to tell you about it because it has seriously impressed me. As you will know if you read my review of Indeed Labs Pepta-Bright and Hydraluron when it comes to skincare my top

23 April 2013

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe!

So i've been thinking about writing some cooking related posts for a while and when i mentioned it on Twitter and Instagram a few of you said you'd like to see them so i thought i'd start with an old favourite of mine that my mum used to call fairy cake! It was probably one of the first things i ever learned to bake and

18 April 2013

Charles Worthington Salon at Home Intense Rescue Melting Balm Review

I’ve had this Intense Rescue Melting Balm hair mask from the Salon at Home range from Charles Worthington for quite a while now and this review is long overdue because you all need to know how good it is!

17 April 2013

Ten Things About Us

Love is the best. Its something we all experience in many different ways throughout our lives from the unconditional love of our parents to the adoration of pets, the unrequited love of our youth and the enduring, i-cant-live-without-you love that comes with finding your soul mate.