Google On The Dressing Table: January 2013

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31 January 2013

25 Random facts about me!

Elsa on the left, Digs on the right

The 50 random things about me tag has been flying around the blogosphere and youtube for the last couple of weeks and i have enjoyed reading/watching them but i struggled to think anyone would want to know 50 facts about me. When i saw this post on Sam's blog it appealed to me because 25 seemed like a more

27 January 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Review

L-R; Big Bang, Stellar, Apocaliptic

If you’re a regular reader of my blog it won’t be news to you that I LOVE the YSL glossy stains, they were my favourite beauty product of last year by a country mile and I have been eagerly anticipating a high street dupe; in comes Rimmel Apocoalips. 

23 January 2013

Phyto 7 Hair Moisturiser Review

Sometimes I wonder how much of a favour I am actually doing my hair piling on all of these chemical rich hair products, masks, conditioners and oils. As with what we put into our body, surely we should be giving some consideration as to what goes on it. This is exactly what French brand Phyto’s philosophy is. They

22 January 2013

Product of the week #4 Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara Review

I was lucky enough to receive this little gem for Christmas from my lovely Husband. I had coveted it for a while after hearing Tanya Burr talk about it and I am definitely not disappointed. I can see how some people may deem this a totally unnecessary product when you are already applying your regular mascara to your top

18 January 2013

Lush Yuzu & Cocoa Bubble Bar Review

The jury is still out on Lush for me, I used to find the smell in the shops really overpowering and off putting, and the odd time I ventured in there I felt like I was ambushed by the sales assistants! Just before Christmas I was asked numerous times by three different sales assistants if I needed help and I ended

13 January 2013

Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum

This review is of a antioxidant hydrating skin serum from Australian brand Aesop. They make hair, skin and body products containing plant based ingredients with antioxidant properties. I was was really looking forward to getting my hands on this product after reading about the brand and seeing other Aesop products

11 January 2013

My first guest post!

Hi guys, just a quick post to let you know i've done my first ever guest post for Caroline at All About The Girl I was really pleased to be able to do this for one of the blogs i love to read and i would love it if you guys would go and check it out and have a quick browse of Carolines blog while you're there - i'm sure you will all love it! 

4 January 2013

Body scrubs - The best for every budget

So Christmas is over which means I begin my long and tedious wait for the sun to reappear! I am such a different person when the sky is clear and blue and you can feel the fresh air on your skin, I get a spring in my step and adopt a much more positive outlook on life - I'm convinced I should have been born in a hot