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3 February 2013

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Weeks Self Tan Mousse Review

I was given this Vita Liberata pHenomenal self tan by my friend when we met up to swap some products recently. She is trained in applying spray tan and chooses the Vita Liberata formula to use on her clients.

According to Vita Liberata this particular product uses a combination of natural nourishing extracts and unique pHenO2 technology (working with the pH of your skin) and will last up to 4 times longer than your normal tan. It is non toxic, free from parabens, and is made up of 70% organic extracts that are kind to your skin and produce a natural fade.

I'd been meaning to try this for ages so i was really pleased to get it although it did actually sit in my drawer for a few days  because i find applying fake tan to be a bit of a faff and tend to put it off until i have a reason to do it!

So when my birthday rolled around i had a go with it and i actually found it was really quick and easy to apply with a tanning mitt. It comes out as a light airy mousse that  dries almost immediately and didn't look too orange. I actually felt comfortable enough to leave the house while wearing it.
I left it on over night and wasn't bothered by the smell at all through the night which was a massive plus because i really hate that biscuity smell! So far so good.

When i showered in the morning the colour guide all washed off straight away and i was really, really pleased with the results; completely streak free and very natural looking, not even a hint of orange. I used the fair shade so i would be interested to try the medium and dark to see if they are as natural looking.
However the most impressive thing about this product is that i'm sitting here 5 days later and the colour still looks great!

Now i know its marketed at lasting 2-3 weeks but i kind of ignored that bit because i just didn't see how it would be possible when you use a body scrub regularly. I've tried a few high end fake tanners and however good the colour result, none of them last more than a couple of days before the colour starts to fade. I'm now starting to see how this could last a couple of weeks.

Its pretty much exactly what i want from a tanner; its really easy to apply, it doesn't streak, it doesn't smell bad and it lasts so i don't even have to apply it that often to maintain a nice colour through these dreary few months before the sun makes an appearance! 

For anyone who knows me you might find i looked a bit sun kissed from now on! And for any of you who live locally, you can be too. Kim offers a mobile spray tan service so it really couldn't be easier, if you want to know more you can find her business page here. This product is available on the Vita Liberata website and  retails at £37.50. The Vita Liberata range is also available at Boots. 


  1. Sounds like a good deal. Great review! x

  2. Thank you :) i love finding something new that is really good! x

  3. I hate fake tanning too so this might be a good product for me if it lasts that bit longer :)

  4. “Congratulations On The Dressing Table! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.”


  5. where can i get a sample?


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