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12 April 2013

Ascel Inverse Youth Recall Serum Review

I was recently sent a sample of the Ascel Inverse Youth Recall Serum* which is available from Tanning and Beauty World for £26.50. It's an anti-aging serum design to reduce signs of damage and encourage more youthful-acting skin. Packed full of cutting edge active ingredients, the Youth Recall Serum stimulates natural cell renewal and collagen production while improving firmness and elasticity. It contains antioxidants such as green tea to fight free radicals (which are one of the main culprits for aging of the skin) as well as natural lipids to strengthen the skin's natural protection and defenses against aging. Ascel claim that over a 4-6 week period you should see reduced wrinkles, smoother, firmer skin that looks radiant and youthful for longer. 

Although this serum would probably provide noticeable results more quickly on more mature skin, it is suitable for use on all ages and i am a firm believer that its never to early to start investing in your skin with good quality anti-aging skincare. My mum has always drummed into me the importance of taking care of your skin and she looks at least 10 years younger than her age, so i am happy to follow her advice!

On first use i noticed two things: first was the lovely fruity smell, and second was the instant tightening i felt, which was not uncomfortable but just felt like something was happening. It is very quickly absorbed into the skin and moisturiser and makeup go over it no problem. 

On the packaging it is recommended that you should use 3-4 pumps of serum warmed in the palms and then smoothed onto the face. I found that this amount is more than enough to do my face and neck so i have been taking it right down onto my chest as well. I think women sometimes get so caught up in looking after the skin on their faces that the neck and decolletage can be neglected but these areas also show signs of aging as they are often exposed to the elements. 

I've found that with regular use - twice a day - my skin is looking quite radiant and my pores are slightly less noticeable on my nose.  I think the fine lines around my eyes have also become slightly less noticeable but i haven't really been using it for long enough to see the full results. I will definitely update this post if my opinions change after 6 weeks of use but so far i am really enjoying it.


  1. looking forward to the update on this as it sounds great! lovely blog, following :) xxx


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