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18 April 2013

Charles Worthington Salon at Home Intense Rescue Melting Balm Review

I’ve had this Intense Rescue Melting Balm hair mask from the Salon at Home range from Charles Worthington for quite a while now and this review is long overdue because you all need to know how good it is!

I really wasn’t holding out much hope when I first got it and I only picked it up because it was on offer in Boots. The reason I wasn’t too excited about it was because I had been on a losing streak with various different intensive conditioners, masks and oils. My hair was in terrible condition having just been coloured and was snapping and splitting right left and centre with absolutely no shine or movement to it at all. I was almost at that stage where I think it’s a good idea to cut it all off and have it died back to my natural mousy brown shade, just to have healthier looking hair! I was raiding my stash every day to try a different conditioning treatment, hair oil or serum and nothing was helping, not even my high-end favourites, so when I saw this for 1/3 off I thought 'what have I got to lose'? 

The formulation is very similar to coconut oil if any of you have used that on your hair or body. It is a solid wax made up of 7 different oils and butters that turns into a thick oil when warmed up.

On first impressions I didn’t like it, I wasn’t overly keen on the smell and I find the feeling of applying a balm onto dry hair quite uncomfortable (just me?!) but I can totally deal with those little gripes for the results it gives! On first use I warmed a bit of the product in my hands and worked it through the mid lengths and ends then left it for half an hour before washing it out in the shower. My hair did feel a bit stronger and a little bit more supple afterwards but nothing ground-breaking.  

Shortly after this first attempt I was given a little towelling turban that fastens with a button at the back from my mum which is intended for drying your hair but the next time I put the melting balm in my hair I saw it hanging on the radiator and had a 'light bulb' moment! So once I had fully coated my hair I wrapped it up in the warm turban and left it on for a few hours while I pottered around in the house, not only did this help my hair to absorb all the goodness from the balm but it kept it out of my face while it was all greased up – Brilliant! 

Anyway, the results when I finally got round to washing it off were seriously impressive, my crow’s nest had been replaced with Rapunzel-esque shiny locks! Well not quite, but it did feel really strong and healthy and as if by some miracle actually looked glossy! Those of you with dyed blonde hair will know that it is more or less impossible to achieve shiny hair without a good pair of straighteners and a shine spray, so I was genuinely really impressed and kept telling my husband to cop a feel (I’m not sure if he was quite as enthused as I was). The only time my hair ever feels that good is straight after a trim so if you too are having hair despair over dry, damaged or frizzy hair, or you need a pick-me-up in between hair cut appointments I urge you to give this a try with a hot towel and see if it is a miracle worker for you too!

It costs £16.99 for 100ml so is pretty expensive for a Charles Worthington product but if you’re in the market for a hair mask that really works on pretty desperate hair I would recommend this one and you can often get it on some kind of offer in Boots. 


  1. I really want to try this but the price puts me off! I will have to keep a look out for it to go on offer!

    Some Sparkle and Shine

    1. Yeah do, i think it got it for a third off which was much more affordable :) xx

  2. Anonymous19/4/13 08:05

    Nice product but little bit costly..Full service salon in San Ramon

  3. ooooo i like the look of this my hair is really dry at the moment. Brilliant review

    Carrieanne x

  4. I SO know what you mean about applying to oils to dry hair, I hate doing it!

    Might have to check this out, my hair is in dire need of some TLC.

    Emily Jane xo

    1. It feels horrible doesnt it?! try the towel turban thing if you dont already do it and then its out of your way once its in! xx

  5. Just came across your blog and love it! Following you on everything now lol (twitter, facebook, bloglovin etc). Hope to stay in touch x

  6. I've read a few good reviews about this now and I'd love to try it! The price puts me off though slightly :( ill keep checking in case it goes on offer haha xx


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