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9 April 2013

Indeed Labs Hydraluron & Pepta-bright Review

When it comes to skincare i like to give products a good length of time to let my skin adapt before i form any real opinions because i find that sometimes it can take a good few weeks before you can see the true benefits of the product. This wasn't the case with Pepta-bright* and Hydraluron* from Indeed Labs. As soon as i
started using them i knew i was going to love them because the results were almost immediate. Its been quite a while since i was instantly wowed by a skincare product, as i have been by both of these products. I have used them together but it has been easy to see the benefits of both as they each target specific skin care concerns.

Indeed Labs is a brand that i am immediately drawn to because their focus is 100% quality of product. Now i'm not going to lie and say i don't enjoy using high-end products in fancy packaging, but when it comes to skincare i like the thought that my money is paying for great research and quality ingredients and if the packaging is a bit 'no frills' then so be it. I actually like Indeed Labs' minimal, no-fuss approach to packaging and the fact that they come in squeezy tubes makes the product easy and hygienic to use. Given the quality of the ingredients in these products i actually think the rrp of £29.99 for the Pepta-bright and £24.99 for Hydraluron is very reasonable. They are sold exclusively in Boots in the UK. 

 Hydraluron is a hydration serum formulated with a premium-grade hyaluronic acid. For those of you who don't know what that is and are backing away from the computer at the thought of putting acid on your face,  it's actually found naturally in the skin but the amount diminishes as we age. It is this ingredient that is used in many skincare products to increase the skin's hydration. It does this by attracting up to a thousand times its weight in water, this then increases the skin's elasticity, makes it appear smoother and plumper and reduces roughness. Keeping your skin hydrated is essential if you want to prevent premature aging. The product is an unscented clear gel and a pea-sized amount is enough to do your whole face, so although the tubes look pretty small, they do last a decent amount of time.

Pepta-bright is another pre-moisturiser treatment developed to brighten the skin, reduce hyper-pigmentation and dark spots, and restore luminosity and radiance to the skin. Its formulated from 7 active ingredients, each one to target a different skin concern. Again, the product is unscented, and this is a lightweight cream texture that is not at all greasy. As with the Hydraluron, you only need a little to do your whole face and its really quickly absorbed by the skin. I have been using this on freshly cleansed skin followed by the Hydraluron before using a moisturiser and the difference in my skin over the last few weeks has been amazing! I have very dehydrated skin around my jaw line that used to have that typical rough gritty texture. That has now completely gone (thanks, Hydraluron), all the dark spots on my face from sun damage and where spots have been in the past have faded away and my skin is so much clearer and brighter (thanks, Pepta-bright!). I've also found i hardly need to use any moisturiser and i have been using a pretty basic, inexpensive moisturiser just to see the true results of the two Indeed labs products. I was nervous about doing this because normally if i downgrade my moisturiser from my favourite Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream my skin starts looking really dull, dehydrated and generally pretty rubbish but its safe to say the Hydraluron and Pepta-bright have done exactly as they claim and my skin is looking better than ever.

I absolutely love the results these two products give and i will definitely be repurchasing them when they run out, have any of you tried either of them? Will you be giving them a go?
Thanks for reading!
Anna x


  1. Hydraluron is impossible to find in the US. And when I do find it the price is ridiculously marked up. Ugh.

    -Trina | bloglovin

    1. Where have you found it in the past?

    2. Where have you found it in the past?

  2. Seems nice, all of them.

  3. They both sound so amazing. Pepta-bright has been on my to buy list for sooo long and now after coming back from holiday I think ill be purchasing hydraluron too! xx

  4. I'm currently using Eysilix grom Indeed Labs but once I've used up a few more skin care bits I'll be picking up both of these.

  5. Really want to try this, any online sites that deliver to Europe anyone knows of? x

  6. Just about to purchase the Hydraluron and give it a go! :)

  7. I really want to try Hydraluron and after reading this I now want to try the Pepta-Bright too! Thanks for that Anna! Ha xx

  8. Anonymous24/6/13 21:50

    Hello !
    I want this combo !
    But I'm French and I don't know of any site that delivers these products in France ...

  9. Theresa-Shawn Newton1/4/14 21:59

    I had never heard of the brand "Indeed" before 2 days ago. I was in Shopper's Drug Mart looking for different skin care and noticed that these were all on sale. I asked the cosmetics lady and she said it is one of their best sellers. I bought Hydraluron, Pepta-Bright, Snoxin, Eysilix and Nanoblur. WOW, they are absolutely amazing. Esspecially Nanoblur. I've used many primers before, but never have I seen results like this before. I couldn't believe what my face looked like after having it on. There was not one single flaw in my skin.
    ABSOLUTELY amazing stuff!!!!
    By the way, each product was were regular price of $33.99 on sale for $16.99 each.


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