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30 April 2013

The Body Shop Event and Haul

I was invited to go along to an event at The Body Shop in Newcastle the other day that was arranged by Maddie who writes All The Pretty Things and also works in The Body Shop!  We arrived to a glass of bucks fizz and some lovely little treats from a local bakery and then let loose to make the most of a 50% off discount that us bloggers were treated to for the evening whist mingling and getting to know each other.  There were complimentary hand massages and make overs available but  i was too busy scouring the shelves  and trying to decide which of the mens fragrances Jim would like best! 

Along with a fragrance set for Jim (i settled for the White Musk Sport Eau De Toilette which he likes so 10 wife points for me!) i also picked up a few bits for myself, well it would be rude not to with that kind of discount wouldn't it?  The first thing i got was purely down to nostalgia from my youth.  The Banana conditioner must be one of The Body Shops longest standing products and it still smells as amazing as it did when i was a teenager.  I needed a conditioner to go in my travel toiletries bag so this was an obvious choice.  Now i just need to book our next holiday so i can have soft, fruity smelling hair!  

The next thing i picked up was some make up.  I haven't used any body shop make up for a long time so i thought id give some a try.  The colour crush eye shadows immediately caught my eye because there was an amazing selection of really gorgeous colours and when i swatched some i was really impressed with how soft and buttery the texture was and how pigmented they were.  I picked up two shades: 301 Pink Crush and 405 Blueberry Night which look lovely in the pan but even better on the skin.  I didn't include swatches in this post (please don't be annoyed) because i want to do a make up look with them to show how beautiful they are so that will be coming up soon.  The other make up item i picked up was one of the metallic eye definers in 14 Glowing Amethyst which will look lovely on its own or used with the two shadows. 
Finally i treated myself to the aqua eye mask because sometimes i suffer from really tired, puffy eyes due to the ridiculous amount of time i spend looking at a computer screen so i thought this would be great to keep by my bed and pop on at night.  You can also put these in the fridge before you use them which is great for easing headaches.  It has a handy velcro fastening at the back to make it easy to use so i'm loving that.

All in all it was a great evening and it was really lovely to meet some fellow bloggers from the North East.  I finally met Kate from Pretty Little Us who i have chatted to on twitter, along with Holly from HollyLucy, Faith from Faithful Loves, Megan from Thumbelina Lillie and Daisy from Daisy's Dreams.  One of the things i miss the most about living over in Newcastle is how lovely and friendly everyone is, and that was certainly the case, i just wish i had had the time to speak to a few more people but i'm sure it won't be long until we are all at another North East blogging event.


  1. You didn't half pick up some gems Anna - I'll have to give that conditioner a try! Was lovely meeting you :)
    Megan xxx

    1. It was great to meet you too! It so nice to have a blogging community and actually meet the people behind the blogs :) see you soon! xx

  2. ah it was such a good event wasn't it?! :) ended up getting so much, oooops

    Chloe Witty

    1. what did you get?? did you do a post on it? I will have to check it out if you did :) xx

  3. I love the look of everything you picked up, especially the eyeshadows! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I bet those shadows look fabulous with your eye colour. And you've totally just reminded me of the Banana shampoo and conditioner. Think I'll pick up the mini sizes for holiday! xx

  5. Hi Lovely, thanks for tweeting me your link - now following you. I love the Body Shop, think i'm going to head to my local one tomorrow night after reading this - Laura xxx A Scottish Lass

  6. Sounds like you had a good evening :) I love the look of those eyeshadows and I think I need that eye mask in my life.

    Emily Jane xo


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