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14 May 2013

Aquiesse Scented Candles and Reed Diffuser Review

If you love scented candles you might be interested to know about a new brand that is now available in the UK. This range of candles and reed diffusers are inspired by nature and blended by world class perfumers. Aquiesse candles are sourced from America where they are sold in design led boutiques and
legendary up-market department store Saks, and it is said they already have a celebrity following including Jennifer Lopez and Prince!
Like other high-end scented candles Aquiesse are blended from natural waxes and made with lead-free wicks for a clean burn, and the essential oil blends are completely original and very evocative.
I was lucky enough to try out the Cherymoya scented candleand the Boardwalk Reed Diffuser from the portfolio collection, both of which i have been really enjoying.

Cherimoya is a blend of Cherimoya Molange (which is a subtropical fruit), clean musk and green leaves and is a really lovely sweet but fresh scent. It has a fruity fragrance which is balanced by a vanilla-ry musk and is perfect for spring.

Boardwalk is an equally lovely scent which transports you to the coastline with its fragrance blend of surf and sand, spun sugar and caramel and driftwood. Ideal for summer to accompany my everyday longing to be on a beach somewhere in the sun! 

I really like the packaging of these products, i'm pleased to see they have branched away from the ever-popular clear glass and white label packaging that other brands stick to but as you can see from the pictures it still looks distinctly high end and would make a gorgeous gift. The candle comes with a glass lid which can also be used as a stand for the candle while it is burning, i love that this come included because one of my biggest bug bears is dust in candles! The Portfolio collection comes in the brown glass with an embossed silver logo, if brown is not your thing there are two other collections - White Currents all in white packaging and Black Currents all in black so however your home is decorated there will be something that will look good on your shelf/fireplace/bedside table!

The Aquiesse range is available from Woodwick Candles and range in rice from a very affordable £4.99 for a candle tin (perfect for trying out the fragrances to chose your favourite) to £39.99 for a reed diffuser which, although slightly more pricey, will last for months and is such a great way of fragrancing your home - Every time i've had visitors round since i got this they've commented on how nice our home smells! The candle i have featured in this post retails for £19.99 and should burn for 45 hours. If you like the sound of either of these scents, go and check out the full range - although it's a struggle to pick one because they all sound so amazing!


  1. These look and sound wonderful xx

  2. I picked up an Aquiesse candle from TK Maxx a little while ago and loved it! The scent was amazing. Good to know they're now more readily available in the UK! xx


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