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13 June 2013

Jo Loves - A new range of fragrances

This is just a quick post about a new brand that i'm sure you will want to know about! Jo Loves has been set up by Jo Malone, the founder of Jo Malone Fragrances. In 1999 Jo sold the Jo Malone company to Estee Lauder Companies but she remained creative director until a few years ago . After having a break
from the wonderful world of fragrance Jo is now back with a new company and some amazing new fragrances! I was lucky enough to be sent some samples of a few of them to try out and the problem i am now faced with is that i want the full size of all of them, and so does my husband as like the Jo Malone Fragrances, Jo Loves are unisex and smell just as good on men as they do on women.

The four samples i got were Pink Vetiver*, Pomelo*, Green Orange & Coriander* and Mango Nectar* and i will tell you a little bit more about each of them.
Pink Vetiver is a new interpretation of the classic Vetiver with pink crushed peppercorns added. This is a fresh cologne like smell with a blend of warm earthy notes. It smells sharp and contemporary and although i love it i prefer to smell this one on my husband than on myself.

Pomelo is clean and crisp; again it has a masculine smell but the citrus notes keep it fresh and i love this for spring and summer, i'm actually wearing this as i type and keep sniffing my wrist (as you do!) its strong but not overpowering and it lasts really well.

Green Orange & Coriander is my husbands favourite. Its another clean, fresh scent with a citrus note but the addition of coriander and black peppercorn adds some warmth and it smells better and better the longer you wear it.

Mango Nectar is the winner out of these four for me, which surprised me as i usually don't go in for gourmand fragrances but this one really does smell good enough to eat. If you like the mango range from The Body Shop you will love this. It is the fruitiest fragrance i have ever come across but it's not too sweet so it's not a sickly scent, and the base notes of jasmine and musk give it some depth. I absolutely love this and i'm dying to have a sniff of the other two mango based fragrances in the range: A shot of Thai Lime over Mango (doesn't that sound incredible?!) and A Shot of Oud over Mango (i think this could well be the most 'me' scent in the whole range because i love the smokiness of Oud)

The Jo Loves range is available online here where you can get a 100ml bottle for £95 or a smaller 30ml size for £45. There are also candles and gift sets available.

Have any of you come across Jo Loves yet? Which is your favorite?

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  1. Ever since I heard about the Jo Loves range I've wanted to try it! Mango Nectar sounds absolutely diviiiiine. Although I'm surprised it's more expensive than the standard Jo Malone scents. Would love to be able to splurge on one of them but could never justify it.... maybe when I'm a millionaire ;)



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