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23 October 2013

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverStrong No Sulphates Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I'm not too sure about the whole 'No sulphates' selling point of the new Hair Expertise range from L'Oreal. I think its slightly misleading as these products do contain cleansing surfactants which serve the same purpose as sulphates, all be it in a milder form. However, i have to say that when judged as an affordable haircare line from the high street/drug store, i have been really impressed with the products i have been using from the range.
The addition of botanical oils make these products really invigorating to use and leave your hair smelling incredible, I love anything with mint so the rosemary and mint conditioner is a particular favourite of mine. 
I have been trying out the EverStrong shampoo & conditioner which is formulated for fragile, brittle hair and is said to 'respect and reinforce' the hair.
On first use i was really surprised at how well the shampoo lathered up (considering the 'No Sulphates' line) but on closer inspection of the ingredients list i realised that this was down to the aforementioned content of surfactants, so if you are looking for a truly natural range this might not be for you. I have to say though that if the ingredients list isn't  your main focus, in terms of how these products leave your hair i would highly recommend them. The omission of sodium laurel sulphate (the main culprit for stripping and drying the hair out) does seem to make a difference and my weak, colour-damaged hair looks and feels much more resilient after using these consistently for a couple of weeks. They leave my hair feeling incredibly clean and soft without being stripped and i have noticed a lot less breakage. I haven't used any of the intensive conditioning treatments from the range yet but i will definitely be picking one up when i repurchase these. 
Most of the products in the range are between £5-7 but as always if you're in the UK, keep an eye out for 3 for 2 offers in Boots 
Have you tired any of the Hair Expertise range? Does it appeal to you?


  1. I've just bought the pinky coloured ones after using the bronze ones. I think they're really good for a high street shampoo :) and they smell so good! I haven't tried this version yet but they're definitely on my list for when I've finished my current ones. Just followed you on bloglovin too! Good luck reaching your 300 target!xxx

  2. I've not tried this range yet but I really want to. So many people are posting reviews about it! I like the sound of these two xx


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