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25 November 2013

Interior Design Ideas - Moving House!

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I don't think i've mentioned on the blog for a while but Jim and I are moving house (again!) just before Christmas. We're moving into a brand new house that will hopefully be home for the foreseeable future and we are so excited to get moved in and settled. We've lived in a temporary home for the past few months
while the new house was being built and we can't wait to get into our new home, unpack properly, get our pictures up on the walls again and decorate! I think i'm actually a bit addicted to Pinterest and various interior decor sites looking for inspiration!
We've lived together for a number of years now so we have most of the practical things that we need but some of it has seen better days and as we're moving into a brand spanking new house i really want the interiors and appliances to fit and look nice. Obviously we are limited by budget but there are definitely a few things that we want to replace so i think i will try and document the move and the personal touches we add to the house if any of you would be interested?

I have seen a couple of things that i would love for the living room (the picture above). I think a cashmere blanket is a must to have for cosy nights on the sofa and you can't go wrong with a natural colour. We are hoping to replace our sofa with a corner suite and the one we have our eye on is a grey, ribbed, very comfy looking number. The carpet we have gone for is a light natural colour so the colour theme in our living room will be very neutral with touches of colour that tie in with a gorgeous painting Jim gave me for Christmas a few years ago of a couple walking a dog on a beach at sunset. The colours in the painting are what you would imagine from a sunset so when i saw the Anamudi rug in the picture above on the Urbanara website i fell in love! It would be the perfect touch of colour to an otherwise neutral room, it is slightly pricey at £249 but its a real investment piece as it would tie in with so many colour schemes so you could move it around the house.

Natural meets contemporary  

We chose our kitchen in the new house a few weeks ago and we ended up going for ivory cupboards with brushed chrome handles, an oak block work surface and natural stone effect tiles. We loved the combination of modern, clean design with natural elements, and a lot of the kitchen accessories we already have fit in with that style. We have a few bits from the Le Creuset Volcanic range, some Henry Watson The Original Suffolk Terracotta stonewear and Olive wood utensils.

These are a few bits i like for the kitchen-diner:
Top: Source, Bottom: Source

I like the orange trim on the table runner; It would be a nice way of bringing the colour scheme from the kitchen through to the dining area. We're getting an oak table and oak and cream leather chairs to go in the dining end of the kitchen. 
I started collecting Olive wood accessories from a market we go to in the Algarve, but i've never seen a breadboard like the one above. Crumbs are the absolute bain of my life so the fact that this not only looks good but catches all the crumbs and helps to keep your kitchen tidy really appeals and I like the cheese grater for the same reason!
Left: Source, Middle: Source, Right: Source
We will have one light fitting above the table and i quite like the idea of a statement lamp shade. I picked this colour because the natural stone tiles have a hint of sage green running through them, but i like this style in the stone colour as well. Scented candles aren't exactly a kitchen must-have but i liked the look of this one! The scent is verbena mint which just sounds perfect to freshen up the kitchen after cooking something like curry or fish, where the food smell can linger.


  1. I love the bread bin picture looks fabulous! you seem to have a good idea about what you want and it seems like you will be decorating a lovely place to live :) ❤ love your blog name btw! X
    ╰☆╮ ╰☆╮

  2. Looks gorgeous! Hope the move goes ok, it'll be lovely being all settled in for Christmas :) x

  3. We recently shifted to our new home and thus I am in the process to decorate home most of the stuff we have stored in the self-storage unit to make the move easy. In the new home each and everything is new and I need some help and advice in my home decoration. I found your home interior decorating tips very helpful and I would love to incorporate them. Thanks for making such helpful post.

  4. How exciting! Good luck with the move! I love the rug and the lamp - love a statement lamp. Pinterest is amazing when you're decorating, so many inspirational snaps and diy how-to's. xx

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    Very informative and helpful, I especially appreciated your ideas about interior designing
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  6. Catherine11/1/14 13:50

    I love the olive wood accessories! Best of luck with the decorating and please please post updates :) xx


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