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4 December 2013

Christmas gift idea - give a memory!

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Jim and I went to a wedding at the weekend near the gorgeous seaside town of Whitby in North Yorkshire and so we decided to make a mini break of it and stay at the hotel where the wedding reception was for two nights. It was a gorgeous hotel and we really enjoyed watching our friends get married and spending some quality time together in nice surroundings.
Staying in a luxurious hotel room prompted a trip down memory lane to reminisce about all of the places we have been for weekend breaks together and all the memories we have. Our first weekend away together was on the first birthday i had after we met and Jim took me on a surprise trip to London (might as well be the moon to us Cumbrians!) I had never been before so we did all the touristy things and had such an amazing time. That trip set a bit of a precedent for us and we have often celebrated birthdays and occasions by going somewhere rather than giving gifts. Another very memorable trip away was for our five year anniversary when we went over to our favourite place - the Algarve in Portugal - and Jim proposed to me! 
Source: Weheartit

I haven't got my bum into gear and written gift guides this year despite my best intentions and multiple blank 'gift guide' titled posts in my drafts, but here's a suggestion! If you have a sister/friend/husband/girlfriend or anyone special who you are struggling to buy a gift for, or you want to buy something a bit different, why not book a trip? Take them away somewhere, make some memories! Don't get me wrong, presents are lovely but eventually they run out/go out of fashion/the novelty wears off, whereas memories last a lifetime and never get old.
January is a great time to get away; it's such a miserable month after Christmas has been and gone and the weather is still rubbish but its surprising how much less you notice the weather when you're in new surroundings, and if you can afford it you could go a little further afield and you might even see the sun - we spent another of my birthdays sitting outside eating paella in the sun at the Marina in Barcelona!
Another great thing about having a trip away in January is that it's cheap as chips! There are loads of good deals around; I've just seen some hotels on Venere that i would be incredibly tempted to book if i wasn't moving house the week before Christmas, or you can sign up for numerous different emails where you get a selection of offers delivered to your inbox each week and they are often great value for money.
I absolutely love getting away and seeing somewhere new and i would be over the moon to be surprised with an adventure this Christmas, or for my birthday in January; I'm keeping everything crossed!

Do you have any suggestions for a January getaway? 


  1. This is a great idea for a present, last year my mum paid for me and hubby to stay overnight at a local spa. She babysat Archie and we both had a fantastic time, child free and being pampered, it was bliss!
    The best Christmas present in my mind! :)

    1. That sounds perfect! I can imagine those weekends away become even more precious when you have a little one :) xx


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