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7 December 2013

November Favourites

I can’t believe this will be my last monthly favourites post of the year! Next month will be my 2013 favourites and then we will be onto 2014 – scary!
My first favourite of the month is something that I don’t tend to use very much until the weather turns colder.
I don’t suffer from dry lips very often but at this time of the year I keep my Eve Lom Kiss Mix lip balm on my bedside table and use it religiously every night to prevent my lips from drying out in the cold weather. It’s such a gorgeous silky formula with a minty scent that gives an ever so slight tingle on application but isn't overpowering. I wouldn't say this is greasy like some lip balms, it is quite thick and has enough stick that it lasts well but feels really comfortable. It looks white in the pot but comes off sheer when applied so it can be used over lipstick without affecting the colour but just adding a nice gloss, and most importantly it is really nourishing on the lips. It isn't the cheapest lip balm out there by a long way but if you are looking to invest in a luxury product I would really recommend this.

Staying on the minty lip product theme, another favourite this month has been the Lush Mint Juleps Sugar Lip Scrub. I haven’t tried any of the other lip scrubs from Lush because i’m not a fan of the really sweet fragrances but I picked this one up on a bit of a whim a couple of weeks ago and i've been really enjoying it. The sugar does a great job at sloughing away dry rough skin and the jojoba oil in it leaves lips feeling soft and  nourished. 

My favourite nail varnish of the month - Autograph Quick Dry Nail Colour - is an unexpected find. I was meeting my mum in Marks and Spencer and while she was in the changing room i had a browse around the makeup department (obvs!) and i noticed there were some really nice nail varnish shades. This one in particular called 'Mink' was calling to me so my lovely mum bought it for me and i've been really impressed. The shade is a perfect 'greige' (i hate that word!) It isn't too dark but doesn't look pastel like some other lighter 'greige' shade, and it doesn't lean too much toward the grey (Essie Chinchilly) or the beige (Chanel Frenzy). It has a very slight lilac undertone but its subtle. Overall i think - to quote goldilocks - it's just right! The brush is really good, like the Rimmel Salon Pro polishes it has a wide brush that makes application dead easy and the formula is great - you get an almost fully opaque colour with one coat - it's glossy and applies easily and dries quickly. What's not to love?! I will definitely be going back to M&S to pick up a couple more of these.

I have spoken of my love for Elemis many times and my holy grail day moisturiser is the Pro Collagen Marine Cream but this month i have really rekindled my love for the Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream. I finished the other night cream i had been trying and reverted back to this and i was reminded again how great it is. Its such a luxurious product that's rich without being heavy or greasy on the skin, and i've really noticed an improvement in how my skin feels. I can get quite dehydrated at this time of year with the cold weather and central heating but this has kept my skin feeling supple and hydrated and it smells incredible like a really luxurious spa!

A fragrance i have been reaching for a lot through November is Clarins Eau Ressourcante. This is somewhere between a fragrance and a body spray, it's made with a blend of essential oils including Basil, Iris and Cederwood which lightly moisturise the skin and promote a sense of serenity and well-being. Its such an uplifting and calming fragrance which has been really helping to take the edge off my stress this month as i prepare for Christmas and moving house as well as trying to juggle work and blogging. I used to think of this as more of a summer fragrance because its definitely the freshest scent i own - i usually lean towards heavier, musky scents - but i find that they layer well over this so if i use this as a body spray i will still wear a perfume with it.

The one makeup item i have rediscovered and fallen back in love with this month is the Diorskin Airflash Foundation. This old favourite was my base of choice on my wedding day because of the airbrushed finish it gives and its incredible lasting power. The fine mist dries down to a semi-matt/satin finish and once it has dried i find it stays put on my skin all day without budging. I layer it up to get a good amount of coverage but it can be used lightly, and i like to spray it directly onto the skin and then use a buffing brush on any areas where i feel it needs to be worked into the skin a bit more. One thing to note is a headband or towel is pretty much essential when using this because it doesn't look great in your hairline!

So that's it for this month, what were your favourites in November?


  1. The Lush lip scrubs are great, I have this mint one too.

    Kimberley x

  2. I've wanted to try the Dior Foundation for ages, it looks so good! Great post!

    Bethan x x


  3. That Dior foundation looks really interesting xx

  4. Shahrzad Saednejad13/1/14 11:03

    Hi Anna, some fav favourites! I have always wondered what the Diorskin Airflash was like, sounds pretty amazing I will have to check it out.


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