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17 December 2013

The cheats french plait with Neal and Wolf

A little while ago the lovely people at Neal and Wolf asked me to take part in a project they were working on to redefine the lost art of indulgent hair styling. I absolutely loved the concept because i am a huge fan of the brand and i think their products are the epitome of indulgence when it comes to hair styling; the
packaging and the scent are so luxurious. 
The aim of the project is to reintroduce the idea that styling your hair can be quick and easy but still give gorgeous elegant results that look like you have just spent a few hours in the salon! The style I was asked to recreate is ‘the cheats French plait’ which is a really pretty way of having your hair ‘up’ and out of your face. 

This is how I did it: 
To begin, take a pea sized amount of FORM* and work through the hair. I found this was the most crucial step because it gave the hair a bit of hold so the knots don't slip. Section the hair down the centre from the forehead right down to the nape of the neck and clip one side out of the way.

Take a small section at the front and another section directly behind it and knot them by pulling the second section over the first and then under and back through the loop you have made. Then take another section of hair from behind the first knot and pull that over the tail of the first knot, back under and through the loop to create the next knot. 

Continue to do this until you reach the back of the head and secure tightly with an elastic. Do the same on the other side of the head and when the two plaits meet at the back of the head join the pieces together and plait the length and secure with a hair elastic. To finish spritz GLOW* over the hair to add shine and smooth down flyaways and split ends and there you have the cheats french plait as you can see on my gorgeous model Bron!

The cheats french plait does take a little bit of practice but once you have mastered the technique you can whip your hair into a really elegant style with minimal effort in less time than it takes to warm your straighteners up!

What do you think of this hairstyle? Will you be giving it a try?

*PR Samples


  1. Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt17/12/13 16:00

    It's a beautiful up do, I wish I were that good at doing my own hair! :O). Xx

  2. This is such a gorgeous style! I'm awful at putting my hair up, I just can't seem to make it work :( xx

  3. Lurch Hound Loves20/12/13 12:34

    Love your blog! I found your blog via BLoglovin and it would be great if you could take a look at my latest posts :) xx

  4. That is so pretty. I'm totally rubbish at doing anything interesting with my hair, but I'll definitely give it a try. I have the N&W sculpting lotion so that's a good start! xx


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