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20 February 2014

My Favourite Nars Blushers - Outlaw, Orgasm, Douceur & Albatross

If you are a beauty lover the chances are you will have heard of Nars Blushes, and once you’ve heard about them you are unlikely to forget thanks to the *ahem* interesting names some of the most popular cult shades have!
Nars produce some of the beauty industry's most iconic colours for cheeks. They are so popular due to their fantastic formulation and a colour range that extends from muted naturals to bright, strong colours, some of which can look quite intimidating in the pan but a light application produces a surprisingly natural, healthy glow to any complexion. The pigmentation of the Nars blushes is second to none; the silky texture applies to the skin and blends effortlessly, and they last all day.
I've tried my fair share of high end blushes and I really do think this product deserves its cult status, if you haven't tried them make sure you have a swatch next time you're passing a Nars counter!

Here's the low down on a few of my favourite shades:

Outlaw is one of my most reached-for blushes but it seems to go largely unnoticed in the blogging world. It's described as a soft rose tone with golden shimmer. I adore this colour, it makes you look like you've been on a brisk walk on a cold day without even stepping outside! It looks gorgeous against pale skin because it's quite a cool berry red, and despite the intensity of the colour in the pan it looks really natural on the skin and the gold shimmer is really subtle. I love to pair this with a strong berry lip in the winter. I think this was originally a limited edition colour but it now seems to be part of the main line which is great news.

If you've heard anything about Nars Blushes you will probably have heard of this one – Orgasm is a cult product that has won numerous awards and accolades. Described as a peachy-pink with gold shimmer this is another colour i reach for time and time again because it just seems to go with everything! It's a universally flattering shade and although it looks quite bold in the pan its really easy to wear and the gold shimmer lifts your complexion without being sparkly.

My most recent purchase was Doucer which is a soft pink-brown matte shade (similar to MAC Harmony Blush but a bit cooler in tone) that you could easily miss on Nars counters because of all the brighter, more exciting-looking colours, but this is the ultimate fuss-free blush for 'no make-up' make-up days or to pair with a strong eye or bold lip.
It gives a beautiful, natural-looking flush which adds dimension and helps to contour the face in a very natural 'yeah my cheekbones always look this good' kind of way! The pigmentation is good but the colour is quite sheer so its almost impossible to be too heavy handed with this shade. It doesn't have the shimmer of Orgasm or Outlaw but it isn't a flat matte either, it just looks really fresh and natural - like bare skin. That being said though, the lasting power is as good as any other.

My last favourite isn't technically a blush but i wanted to mention Albatross because it is one of my all time favourite highlighters. It has the same formulation and lasting power as the blushes and complements them perfectly because it has the same golden shimmer which illuminates the complexion without looking glittery. It really ramps up the glow factor and looks especially gorgeous on tanned skin; this is a must in my summer holiday makeup bag (i have summer holidays on the brain at the moment!).

Albatross blended

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to application of blusher although I find that some advice can be very misleading. My advice is to look at your own face and work from there, everyone is different and so trying to apply one rule to all doesn’t work.  If you don’t think you know what works for you here are a few tips: Look at your face as a three-dimensional plane rather than a flat canvas, I find that colour looks more flattering to the sides of my face so I avoid bringing it right onto the apples of my cheeks and focus on the outer curve of the apple and up towards the temple. Applying colour to the apple of your cheeks while smiling is not something i would recommend because when you stop smiling your cheeks will drop slightly and the colour can end up looking misplaced.
Another point worth mentioning is the brush you apply with.
Once you have experienced a good quality blush brush it becomes apparent how the two things work in synergy to achieve a natural-looking, well-placed flush of colour to the face and how flattering that can be. I use either a Bobbi Brown blush brush or a MAC 116 but if you don’t have the money to invest in expensive brushes I would recommend the Real Techniques Blush Brush as a cheaper alternative that is still great quality.

Do you like Nars blushes? Which is your favourite shade?


  1. i love deep throat and copacabana . but will try albatross now :)

  2. Katie Atkinson21/2/14 08:24

    I realllllly want Albatross!

    Gold Dust


  3. Beautyqueenuk21/2/14 10:58

    Ooh I love the look of Outlaw x

  4. helen at thelovecatsinc23/2/14 23:03

    i have outlaw and douceur and need to wear them more!

    from helen at

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  5. I don't have a favourite Nars shade but I bought the blush palette that was out before Christmas and haven't used it yet.... really need to. Love Orgasm though, reminds me of the Sleek Rose Gold Blush.
    Laura xxx

  6. Outlaw looks beautiful. I only have Orgasm, which has more pan than powder showing now. Might try Outlaw next as I'd like to try something new. Albatross looks like a lovely highlighter xxx

  7. Such beautiful shades I really like the Albatross shade so pretty I actually need this :') could also highlight too! xx

  8. expatmuaddict7/3/14 09:47

    I LOVE NARS blushes-I don't have outlaw, am v tempted!! My fave is Deep Throat and newly released Day dream at the moment-but I am fickle so it'll be something else next week

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  9. On The Dressing Table9/3/14 18:41

    I REALLY want to try daydream. What i wouldn't do for a rifle through your makeup collection lol! xx

  10. On The Dressing Table9/3/14 18:43

    Yeah albatross is a really gorgeous highlight, its really well pigmented but never looks too much however heavy handed you are!! xx

  11. On The Dressing Table9/3/14 19:21

    I really love Outlaw, its such a great colour and i think it would probably suit every skintone. Have a swatch next time you're passing a nars counter :) xx

  12. On The Dressing Table9/3/14 19:23

    I'm so jealous! I really wanted that blush palette! If you ever think of selling it on let me know ;-) xx

  13. On The Dressing Table9/3/14 19:23

    Its a beaut shade :) xx

  14. On The Dressing Table9/3/14 19:24

    Get it! You won't be disappointed :) xx

  15. On The Dressing Table9/3/14 19:24

    I haven't actually tried copacobana, need to check that one out :) xx

  16. I really love the look of Albatross, such a beautiful gold-y glow!
    Holly /

  17. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 13:04

    it is, its gorgeous. especially with a tan :) x


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