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27 February 2014

Probably the best house warming present ever! Rob Ryan Plates

As i mentioned in my life update post, Jim and I moved into our new house just before Christmas so when my best friend made her latest pilgrimage over from the North East to the North West for a visit she came bearing gifts and i wanted to share the house warming present she gave us with you because i'm totally
obsessed with them!

I love Rob Ryan's style of art. If you're not familiar with him, he works with paper cut-outs, and uses screen printing to produce really unique designs. These four plates depict a couple throughout the seasons and my friend said she chose them because they reminded her of Jim and I which just made me love them even more!
I'm still trying to find the perfect place to put them; i cant decide whether to have them on the wall or to buy some stands for them and have them on our bookcase in the living room. What do you guys think?
Do you like Rob Ryan's work? 

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  1. These are lovely! Such a great gift :) x

  2. These are so sweet. Personally I'd have them on the wall but probably only because I'd be paranoid about knocking one off anything else and breaking it.

  3. These are amazing but I'd be too scared to use them :)


  4. EmmaM1474/3/14 21:13

    How stunning!

    Emma x

  5. So pretty! I love presents like this which are more "thoughtful" than just a random necklace or smth.. xx

  6. Victoria Wright11/3/14 03:40

    These are so lovely !! I love the rob ryan stuff, his cards are amazing because they are so intricate but I love this style of print too !!

    Thanks =]


  7. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 13:17

    Thanks Victoria, they are so lovely aren't they? :) xx

  8. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 13:19

    Thanks Victoria, they are lovely aren't they? :) i have a water bottle with a rob ryan design on too that i love xx

  9. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 13:20

    Yeah me too, it means so much more when the person puts some thought into it :) xx

  10. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 13:20

    Thanks Emma! best present ever! :) x

  11. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 13:21

    Yeah i think they will be purely decorative!! :) xx

  12. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 13:24

    I think that's a good call! I would be devastated if one got damaged xx

  13. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 13:24

    I know, i'm so lucky! She's so thoughtful :) xx


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