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28 March 2014

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream Review

Its not often you'll hear me raving about a hand cream on here; to me they are at the duller end of beauty products and because i don't suffer particularly from dry hands i don't tend to use any religiously, i just use whichever one is nearest last thing at night when i remember in the hope that my hands will never give my age away....

I was recently given a Clarins gift set and this Hand and Nail Treatment Cream was included in it so i chucked it into my dish on my bedside table and thought no more of it until i noticed two things a couple of weeks after starting to use it. Although my hands are not particularly dry my cuticles are a different matter and if i don't apply a cuticle treatment they are pretty grim but since i have been using this hand cream i haven't needed to use my cuticle treatment half as much, this seems to be doing a good enough job of moisturising them and preventing those dry raggy bits. The other thing i have noticed a big improvement in is the strength of my nails. They have grown really quickly and i haven't had one break! 

The formula's really rich and although i wouldn't say its greasy it does take a bit of working in so for me this is just a night treatment and isn't one i would carry around with me during the day but its something i think i will definitely use up because it feels and smells so luxurious, that is if my hubby doesn't commandeer it! Unlike me he does get really dry chapped hands and he has found this to be really soothing and moisturising so for you dry-handed gals and guys, it gets the seal of approval from him for that as well. All round i think this is a great product that really does what it say's on the tin. 

It retails for £21 for 100ml from Clarins counters of online. Have you tried this? Which is your favourite hand cream?


  1. nicolabishop28/3/14 16:52

    I found this post really useful as I'm always washing my hands at work. I love the Soap and Glory hand food.

  2. On The Dressing Table31/3/14 20:17

    Hi Nicola, glad it helped! I'm not a fan of the scent of the S & G hand food but i always hear people say how much they love it :)

  3. adela cechova7/4/14 08:39

    This hand cream has been my favourite for years! I swear by it.
    Adela x


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