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15 March 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail Varnish

I'm loving the pastel-but-bright nail trend for this spring and the two latest additions to my ever growing nail varnish collection come from Maybelline Color Show (£2.99) in Nebline - a milky baby pink and Love Lilac - a lilac with a really subtle blue shimmer running through it. Both colours look gorgeous on the nails
although i would have like the shimmer to have been slightly more prominent in Love Lilac, its still pretty when the light catches it though.

Formula-wise these are not my favourite drug store polishes, it took three coats to get an opaque finish and the first and second coats don't apply all that nicely, they are on the sticky side, but the third coat seems to glide on and give a pretty perfect finish so the formula can work, you just need to put the time in!

The brushes with the Colour Show polishes are nice and wide which i really like, it makes application that bit quicker and easier, and paired with a base coat and topcoat (Seche Vite obvs!) they last a good 4-5 days with little wear on the tips on the nails and no chipping which i won't argue with at all for the price. I get the impression from the slightly sticky formula these might not last a long time and come next spring they might be too gloopy to use but again, for the price that doesn't worry me too much. All in all i'm pleased with these and i will be having another look at the range next time i'm in Boots to see if any of the other shades catch my eye.

Have you tried this range? Can you recommend any of the colours?


  1. I have a couple colors, and even though the formula isn't my favorite, I do love Bold Gold!

  2. Nebline looks like such a perfect pastel pink! I quite like the formula of this, I don't really mind that it takes a few coats because for me it's always even and lasts quite a while too!

    Holly /

  3. On The Dressing Table16/3/14 14:38

    Nebline is lovely isn't, think it will look so nice with a tan :) xx

  4. On The Dressing Table16/3/14 14:38

    Yeah i tried a red one in winter and wasn't impressed, couldn't resist these shades though! :) xx

  5. On The Dressing Table16/3/14 14:39

    I will definitely have a look out for that one, thanks :) xx

  6. These are so pretty, lovely for Spring :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  7. nicolabishop16/3/14 21:15

    These colours are gorgeous. I'm loving the purple one the most! :)

  8. Lets Talk Beauty16/3/14 21:31

    The lilac shade is gorgeous

  9. These are beautiful shades, I keep meaning to pick some pastel shades up for myself xox

  10. Oooh they're both such stunning shades. I'm so happy to have pastel polishes back in my life... They look so much more flattering on my nails. I love the lilac shade, the blush iridescence is stunning xx

  11. These colors are beautiful! I tried a green nail polish from these color show polishes and really liked it, but when I took it off my nails were complete green and had to grow out :(

  12. Lizzy Fresh30/3/14 00:23

    Oooo, I still haven't tried any of these but the colors are so pretty! *^*

  13. ChristineIversen4/8/14 10:02

    I LOVE pastels, that purple is stunning :-)

    Christine, x


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