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12 March 2014

Under the Spotlight - Oqibo

It's been a while since the last post in my Under the Spotlight series,  which focuses on lesser known or new brands that i really think you would want to know about. The latest brand that has my attention is British brand Oqibo
I was sent their Intense Moisture Defence* towards the end of last year along with some samples of the other products in the range so i've been using it for quite a while now and i've pretty much fallen in love with it! 
I hadn't heard of Oqibo until the lovely Beth (who has been an absolute pleasure to work with) contacted me. When the parcel arrived i was instantly intrigued because the clean, simple monochrome packaging and logo are right up my street, but obviously when it comes to skincare you cant judge a book by its cover.
Oqibo has developed from humble beginnings - starting off from a spare room in 2006 steadily growing  to where it is today having delivered over 6 million individual item. The brand not only focuses on quality products but also delivering a message that is sadly lacking in the beauty industry in my opinion - you are remarkable. Whoever you are, however you look. The products are designed to enhance that rather than correct something or turn you from an ugly duckling into a swan. They aim to celebrate who you are rather than make you feel ashamed of what you are not; to celebrate diversity rather than fitting in to unreal demands from photo-shopped images. Their slogan is Happy. Remarkable. You. How refreshing is that?!
They are also a brand with a social conscience, with a proportion of their profits being donated to Next Chapter Charity, who work to help people move on to the next chapter of their lives - i don't know about you but that is guilt free shopping for me right there! 
The Intense Moisture Defence (35.75 for 100ml) is a hydrating cream formulated with marine extracts and oils rich in essential fatty acids to re-energise the skin, boost collagen synthesis and provide long lasting hydration. It also contains a UV filter to provide full spectrum protection against UVA and UVB exposure which can only be a good thing. It's primarily for Dry/Dehydrated skin so i thought it would only work for me as a night cream because my skin is combination and can get shiny throughout the day but i've found that although this is rich, it doesn't leave any kind of residue so i have been using it morning and evening. The texture is rich but light and is absorbed quickly leaving the skin feeling smoother and more hydrated without any oiliness what so ever and my skin has felt just as smooth and hydrated as it does when i use my holy grail day cream Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream.
The rest of the range that i tried samples of seemed really nice as well, the stand out product being the Skin Refining Exfoliator (£23.95 for 50ml) a manual exfoliator and mask in one, which had just the right amount of abrasiveness without being harsh on my skin, so i will be getting hold of the full size to review properly after i've given it a good go. 
Oqibo also make skin supplements which i am really intrigued by, and scented candles  - full review coming soon but for now i will just say Green Tea and Passion fruit is THE perfect scent for spring!

Have you heard of Oqibo or tried anything from the brand before?


  1. LouLovesBeauty12/3/14 17:41

    This sounds lovely, I've never heard of the brand before! :)
    LouLovesbeauty xx

  2. Mademoiselle nature12/3/14 18:24

    Nice brand. Is is a natural one? x

  3. Can't say I've heard of them, but they sound lovely. I love hearing about new brands so thanks for the heads up!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Beautyqueenuk12/3/14 19:18

    Not a brand I have heard of but my eyes were stuck on scented candles x

  5. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 12:48

    The candle is soo nice :) x

  6. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 12:50

    Yeah i love discovering new brands that are doing good things too :) i've got a couple more posts in my under the spotlight series coming up soon xx

  7. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 12:51

    I'm not sure if they would be considered natural but the next post in my Under the spotlight series is of a natural brand so keep an eye out for that :) x

  8. On The Dressing Table14/3/14 12:51

    It really is Lou, i hope they become a lot more popular :) xx

  9. Hi Anna, Thanks so much for such a lovely review. Really great to hear how you got on! Personally, It's one of my essential products now (yes I know I'm supposed to say that but it really is!). I have mid-30's, combination skin too so tend to use in the evening mostly although I have found that my skin soon adjusts to the richer oil based ingredients particularly in these colder months.

    Ladies - the answer with regards are we natural is, as Anna said a no. There are lots of natural ingredients in our products that do really good stuff for skin but bear in mind that many chemicals are 'natural' too and not always good, bad or indifferent - (we wrote more on that particular point over on the blog if you'd like to read it ) We set out to create products that do their job and do it really well, celebrating people shaped people without the 'anti' this or that. If we can answer any questions or send a sample you way please do drop us a line

    Have a fab weekend,
    N x

  10. Never heard of Oqibo before. I absolutely love the idea of enhancing what you have and what a great slogan. The moisture defence sounds excellent, and oh that candle must smell divine!! xxx

  11. Thank you very much for the review and introduction. I must admit, this is the first time I heard of the brand. x


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