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5 June 2014

Guest Post! Scrub a Dub Dub. Fake Tan Prep fake tan prep

Hi I'm Lou from Lou Loves Beauty and I have the great honour of being your writer today on Anna's blog. I am what you could call a fake tan junkie and its a very rare occasion that you see me without a tan, so I thought I would share some of my favourite scrubs with you to help you maintain and achieve a flawless natural looking

The key to any good tanning session is in the preparation. Making sure all the dead dry skin is removed will eliminate the chance of streaking and developing an uneven tan. Doing this will also prolong the life of your fake tan as well as a real one. Below are exfoliators I like to use and my reason for using them.

This exfoliator is oil based which means it's great for breaking down an old tan when its on it's last legs. When I use this I apply it 1 or 2 days before I want to fake tan. Not only does it remove the last traces of tan but also buffs away any dead skin to reveal a silky smooth and hydrated base for you to work on. This is also good if you feel like your skin needs a pick me up as its very luxurious and feels just like you're having a spa pamper treatment, the smell of it is wonderful and it remains on your skin even after you've washed it off.  (Like I said I would use this 1-2 days prior to tanning as the oily residue can interfere with the tan if used straight before.)

Great to use prior to tanning as it's oil and soap free, so will moisturise and nourish the skin while gently removing any dead skin from dry areas. This can also be used in between tanning (a few days after the tan has been applied) as the tiny fine exfoliating beads will gently and lightly remove any dry skin that the tan may get stuck to. I wouldn't say it was all that great at removing old tan but it's good as a maintenance product to keep the skin and your tan looking its best.


This scrub fits nicely in between the pervious two, the beads are a lot bigger than the Fake Bake version and offer more of an exfoliation, they can be a little scratchy so its best used with  a light hand. The scrub is fab at buffing away dead skin and leaves no oily residue even though it contains skin nourishing ingredients like Moroccan Argan Oil to moisturise the skin as well as removing the dead skin cells.
I think the main way to achieve a flawless natural looking tan is to make sure the skin is prepped properly and all the dry skin that the tan could stick to is removed, this will limit the chances of getting the 'crocodile' skin look and stop it going patchy. Once the tan has been applied it's just as important to maintain the skin and keep the moisture in as some tans can dry out the skin even more then usual. Getting an oil free moisturiser will also stop the tan breaking down and going patchy. One that I've used is Xen Tan 'Scent Secure' which not only moisturises but also stops you having the dreaded fake tan biscuit smell, unless of course you like that! lol
Thank you so much for reading and thank you Anna for having me!
Please let me know your tips and tricks for achieving a flawless tan, I would love to know!

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