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31 August 2014

My Favourite Hydrating Toners

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might have noticed i've been basking in the Portuguese sunshine for the last week enjoying every last minute of sun, sand and blue skies. It was definitely back down to earth with a bump landing in wet and windy Glasgow! 

One of the essentials in my holiday toiletry bag is a hydrating, refreshing facial spray toner. I use one of these everyday when i am at home too but they seem all the more important in a hot climate where things can get a little hot and sweaty, and hopping in and out of the sea/pool all day can leave my skin feeling quite tight and dry. I use it as a step in my morning and evening skincare routine but then i throw one in my beach bag to carry around with me to use throughout the day whenever i need to freshen things up. 

When i was packing i found it so hard to chose between these four im slightly ashamed to say i ened up taking three with me! One in my hand luggage, one for the beach bag and one for the bathroom - its a good job i have got packing a capsule wardrobe down to a fine art because when it comes to make up and toiletries i clearly have no self restraint!

First up, Caudalie Beauty Elixir is somewhat of a cult product and if i had to pick an overall favourite from the line up above this would be it. It's a plant-based misting serum that is made from all-natural ingredients such as grape extract, rosemary, orange blossom and organic balm mint which work to increase circulation to smooth and tighten whilst refreshing the skin leaving your complexion looking brighter and more radiant. It really does work and my skin always looks perked up after i spray it and it seems to give my make up a new lease of life when i use it throughout the day, but the main reason i love it so much is down to the smell - its so spa-like and relaxing and i always carry this in my hand luggage on the plane because the smell helps to keep me calm when i am struggling with anxiety, which always ramps up a few notched when i am flying. Its worth mentioning though that the scent is very full on so if you are not a fan of  heavily scented skincare you might not like this so much. (£11.50 for 30 ml or £32 for 100ml)

I've spoken about how much i love the Aveda Toning Mist before. Its specifically formulated to balance combination skin (they also make a moisturising version for dry skin). It contains witch hazel and peppermint which provide mild astringent benefits to help to minimise oil on the skin whilst keeping it nicely hydrated, soft and supple. I love to use this as part of my morning skincare to help balance my skin before i apply make up and because its so cooling and refreshing it helps to wake me up! (£17 for 150ml)

The Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner is an old favourite of mine, another Elemis product that i have repurchased numerous times - honestly i don't think that brand make anything i don't love. 
Its great for those days when you're skin is feeling a bit temperamental because it doesn't contain alcohol or anything aggressive on the skin. It has a base of plant glycerine and de-ionised water which softens and soothes the skin whilst rehydrating and preparing the skin for moisturiser. This is so soothing and gentle on the skin, you can even dampen some cotton wool pads and use it as a cooling eye treatment - if you pop it in the fridge for a while before hand it feels like heaven on tired sore eyes or when you have a hangover headache! (£22 for 200ml)

My latest love on the refreshing facial mist front is the Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Toner. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, pineapple and rose floral waters, neroli and bergamot this mist does it all - it brightens, hydrates and primes the skin leaving it looking nourished, plumped and dewy. It gives an instant moisture hit which rehydrates and balances the complexion and revitalises tired, dull looking skin. This is the most similar to the Caudalie Beauty Elixir in terms of how it instantly perks up the skin and it also has a lovely fragrance from the natural ingredients. I carried this around in my beach bag on holiday along with a pack of face wipes and i absolutely loved using it because as powerful as it is, its also really gentle and felt really soothing when my skin was feeling irritated by the salt water and heat. I would really recommend this as a slightly more affordable version of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. (£20 for 60ml)

I'm always on the look out for other hydrating toners to try so if you love one that i havn't mentioned please leave me suggestions in the comments.

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. expatmuaddict1/9/14 08:25

    Hello gorgeous. This is one of my fave topics!! I am actually using the Aveda one at the moment, I love the smell and that the spritz is quite strong-great pick me up! The Elemis is also an old fave of mine too-I have two in my stash at the moment!!

    I definitely would like to try the Balance Me one-sounds right up my street.

    I couldn't get on with the Caudalie one-I think because it contains alcohol it plays havoc with my skin-and to me it smells like burning tyres-which is obviously my sense of smell!!!

    I would definitely definitely recommend you check out the Origins Make a Difference rejuvenating lotion-it doesn't come in a spray bottle but I just love it xxx

  2. The Graduate Goddess1/9/14 17:13

    My skin is always in need of hydration - this is such a helpful post! I think I'm going to check out the Balance Me Toner for my holiday to Florida! xx


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