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17 September 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends with The Saturdays - Backstage experience

Beautiful, talented and globally successful super-group The Saturdays recently embarked on a greatest hits arena tour to promote their new greatest hits album and Garnier have collaborated with them to produce a range of hair care products called Ultimate Blends. I went along to one of the tour dates to find out a bit more.
Before watching the concert, along with Kate from Pretty Little Us, Katie from Beauty and the Baker and Suzy from Suzy Hearts Beauty, I was given backstage access and was lucky enough to have my hair styled by the team that were creating the stage looks for the Una, Mollie, Frankie, Vanessa and Rochelle throughout the tour. The look they created on me was a modern, soft wave which is a style i attempt on myself a lot but it looked so much better when it was done by the Garnier backstage team!

While i was backstage i found out a bit more about Ultimate Blends. There are six different product lines within the Ultimate Blends range; each targeting a different hair type, and each of the band members uses a different line according to their own hair type. There is The Sleek Restorer for dry/frizzy hair which is what Rochelle uses, Una's favourite The Colour Illuminator for coloured hair, The Nourishing Repairer for very dry/damaged hair which is Vanessa's product line of choice, Mollie protects her blonde hair from split ends with The Silky Smoother range and Frankie uses The Shine Revitaliser for normal hair to keep her gorgeous pixie crop looking perfect!
The sixth line of products is The Marvelous Transformer for dry, dull hair and i was given the Marvelous Glow oil from this line to try out. I like to use it on wet hair before styling because it protects against heat damage as well as smoothing my hair and leaving it looking glossy and supple. I find that for me, oil works better when my hair is wet, but this can also be used as a finishing product to add a bit of glow to dry hair and it smells amazing!

Once we all had popstar-worthy hair we actually met the band for a quick chat and a photo before they performed and i can tell you two things:  one - they are all just as beautiful and doll-like as they look in the pictures and two - i want to work with their makeup artist! I couldn't stop looking at how perfect each of their makeup was; considering how much they must wear for going on stage it looked so flawless and all five of them looked absolutely stunning.

Have you tried anything from the Ultimate Blends collection yet? Which line do you think you would go for?


  1. Lovely blog post Anna! It was such a fab night :) xx

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time :)

  3. On The Dressing Table18/9/14 23:35

    Thanks Suzy! It was great wasn't it? So nice to meet you as well :) xx

  4. On The Dressing Table18/9/14 23:36

    It was such a great experience Jordan! xx


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