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23 September 2014

Zakynthos (Greece) Holiday June 2014

Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach
This is probably the most delayed post in history given that our holiday in Zante was three months ago and we have actually been away again since then! I thought i was still worth sharing though because i know i am often inspired by other peoples holiday photos and when i was looking into going to Zakynthos i couldn't find a single blog post about it.

These first pictures are of the most photographed beach in Greece - Navagio. More commonly known as Shipwreck beach, you can see a tiny bit of the shipwreck on the picture above. It is only accessible by boat or you can go to the viewpoint where these pictures were taken from and look down on it. Just look at that water!! 

For me there is nothing more relaxing on holiday than sitting in a beach bar drinking a cocktail with a good book! This was a really nice one in Kalamaki which was the resort we were staying in. I liked it there but i don't think we would go back. If we were to visit Zante again i think we would stay in Argassi or somewhere along the Vassilikos peninsula because it was a more scenic area but to be honest i don't think we will go back. We hired a car and saw everything there was to see on the island in a week so i would rather go and visit a different Greek island than go back to the same one.

Turtle nest on Kalamki Beach
Zakynthos is famous for being home to the endangered Loggerhead turtles and some of the beaches on the island are protected because they are the breeding ground for the turtles. Volunteers work throughout the summer to identify nests and these wooden frames are placed over nests to protect them. We saw quite a few throughout the holiday and it was reassuring to know that measures are in place to protect the nests.

Our highlight of the holiday was finding this amazing swimming spot at Porto Limnionas. There is no beach but it's easy enough to climb down to the water on the rocks and the water was crystal clear. Jim drove back up to the nearest village to buy snorkelling masks for us and we floated around watching all the different fish swimming around below us. There was a really nice taverna looking over the water so after a swim we sat with a cocktail and enjoyed the view.

We always hire a car when we go away because we like to go and explore so one of the things that is always on the agenda is finding the perfect spot to watch the sun set and in Zante this was at Kampi. We found an amazing restaurant with tables on a terrace right on the cliff edge for the perfect view of the sun sinking into the Mediterranean.

In the evenings we would leave the car at our villa and walk into Kalamaki for a few cocktails. This was one of the cocktail bars we found but our favourite was the Cave bar, unfortunately none of my pictures did it justice but it was a brilliant, laid back outdoor bar with great music playing and brilliant cocktails. Well worth a visit if you do find yourself in Kalamaki.

Gerakas beach at the Southern tip of the Vassilikos Peninsula.

Another holiday must-do for us is a boat trip - i am always happiest when i am out on the water; the first thing i would do with a lottery win is buy a luxury yacht!
We decided on a trip over to a smaller island in the Lagansas bay called Marathonissi. The amazing thing about this island is the shape of it - does it remind you of anything?! It is known for looking like a turtle in the water which i think is a pretty cool coincidence given that the island is also one of the Loggerhead turtles breeding grounds. We were able to get off the boat but were strongly advised to stay within a metre of the water so as to avoid disturbing or damaging any nests so we happily got straight into the water to cool down. Because the island is uninhabited and only accessible by small boats there were no amenities but i thought this floating beach bar was a genius idea! Our trip was completed by spotting a turtle just off the shore, we were so lucky to see it because they just pop their head up for a minute and then disappear back underwater.

Zakynthos Town from Bochali

We found that Zante didn't have much in the way of pretty towns and villages. Because most of the Island was destroyed in an earthquake in the 60's it was lacking some of the 'old town' charm of other resorts such as Ibiza town and the main town on the Island Zakynthos town was a bit disappointing because it just felt quite industrial. We found the best way to enjoy a visit to Zakynthos town was to head up the hill behind the town to Bochali where you can sit in a outdoor taverna and look down over the town and the harbour. 

If you enjoy the character of old buildings and cobbled streets, or visiting historical sites then i would say Zante might not be the Greek island for you, but if you are looking for gorgeous beaches with crystal clear water and a laid back vibe and pretty scenery you will find it in abundance here.

Have you ever been to Zante? Which is your favourite Greek Island?


  1. Beautiful photo's, I have never been to Greece but hopefully one day I will get the chance.x

  2. On The Dressing Table20/11/14 17:27

    Thanks Saffron :) There are so many places in Greece that look so inviting - i think Santorini is next on our list xx


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