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2 October 2014

Current favourite MAC Eyeshadows - Haux, Star Violet & Twinks

Clockwise from left: Twinks, Haux, Star Violet
I go through phases with my Mac palette; sometimes when there is a new eye shadow palette on the scene it gets relegated to the back of my palette drawer and then when i go back to it i really enjoy using it again and finding different combinations that work. Lately the three shades i have been absolutely loving are Haux,- a soft, muted, matt rosy-brown, Star Violet - a pinky-brown shimmery plum and Twinks - a deep browny-plum with a pearl finish. 

L-R: Haux, Twinks, Star Violet

All three of these colours work together in a variety of different combinations and they really bring out the green in my eyes which i love. The two shimmery shade are very buttery, well pigmented and easy to blend. I find that some Mac Matt shadows can be really disappointing in terms of formula but this one is nice, its not as well pigmented as the others but it builds up well and blends nicely. 

Do you have any of these shades? Which are your current favourite Mac eye shadows?


  1. Beautyqueenuk2/10/14 20:38

    Oh wow they are beautiful shades x

  2. All of those shades look stunning! I'm going to have to check these out in MAC next time .. They are going to be lovely for A/W x

  3. Beauty Bird2/10/14 21:55

    These colours are gorgeous! I think I need Twinks in my life xx

  4. Those are gorgeous! I don't have any MAC shadows, but I really want Twinks!

  5. expatmuaddict3/10/14 14:05

    Anna I have ALL of these and they are so gorgeous! I bet they look amazing on you

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  6. Love these shades and feel I need to add them into my collection now! Patina is a great shade that I love to blend with other shades as would work well with these. Love!

    Kelly xx

  7. beauty by alicee .4/10/14 15:00

    Ah these are such beautiful colours, I really need to invest in more MAC eyeshadows, they're so beautiful!
    alice xo | beautybyalicee

  8. On The Dressing Table20/11/14 17:30

    Thanks Suzy, i really wanted to get my hands on the cool neutrals palette but i just couldn't justify it, i have far too many neutral palettes already! xx

  9. On The Dressing Table20/11/14 17:30

    The formula is so reliable with Mac too and they last for ages! xx

  10. On The Dressing Table20/11/14 17:32

    I love Patina too Kelly, i like wearing it with a black liner and a bright red lip :) xx

  11. On The Dressing Table20/11/14 17:34

    Ah thanks Stacey :) sorry its taken forever to reply, this is the first time ive had my laptop out for ages because of my shoulder but ive finally had a bit of progress and im now on the waiting list for surgery xx

  12. On The Dressing Table20/11/14 17:34

    Twinks is a great place to start but beware, once you start buying them it's hard to stop!! xx

  13. On The Dressing Table20/11/14 17:35

    Its such a versatile shade, great for everyday :) xx

  14. On The Dressing Table20/11/14 17:35

    Thanks Zoe :) let me know if you ended up picking them up! xx

  15. jadiee bevan11/1/15 20:20

    What a lovely blog post!!

    keep up the good work

    would love to see you over on my blog


  16. Stephanie Eva13/1/15 00:05

    Wow, these are really beautiful.. All three are so nice. I actually only have like two raspberry/plummy colors and only three MAC eyeshadows. Maybe now is my chance to add to both color and MAC collections with your recommendations!? I agree with your comment on the standard MAC Matte Eyeshadows. I have Soft Brown, which is this formula and I find myself building it up when I want to use it in any other format than a crease color. Their Matte2 formula really surprised me and I love it!

    Thanks so much for sharing these picks!!
    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  17. jadiee bevan27/1/15 17:51

    what a lovely blog post!!.. had a great read

    i <3 your blog

    new blog post --> would love to see your comment



  18. Beansblog27/1/15 18:25

    Wow I love all these shades, just discovered your blog! Yay I love it x Bean's Beauty Blog

  19. Melike Baykara Birinci28/1/15 16:24

    Amazing !

  20. These colours are just stunning!

  21. Twinks looks amazing!

    Maria // Fox and Arrow


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